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save for a down home payment

Saving for a Home Down Payment? Try Coupons.

Danny Rubin is the voice behind News to Live By and preferred guest writer on Regale. You can read this article and others on his website by clicking here. Every week, Amanda Munster marches into the grocery store on a…

Organized Finances

7 Easy Steps to Organized Finances

Organizing your finances is one of the most important aspects of building wealth – regardless of income level. Unfortunately, not many people have a clue when it comes to their finances. Lucky for those of you who need help,…

Start Working Towards a Debt-Free Lifestyle...Today!

Start Working Towards a Debt-Free Lifestyle…Today!

Anna Newell Jones, author of the successful blog, “And Then We Saved,” is some kind of amazing.  This girl managed to pay off over $23,000 of debt in just 15 months. Yes, you read that correctly. How did she…

Houses on a street

Buying vs. Renting: Who is Really Throwing Money Away?

“Renting is like throwing your money away” could be one of the top 5 most absurd statements in the English language.  If anyone ever tells you that, just punch them.  In the face.  Seriously, do it. There are a…