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I Broke Up With My Phone: A Story About Self Care

Self Care.  In social work, we’re all about self-care. When you pour into people everyday, you end up taking on their struggles and traumas. Thus, you end up leaving work at the end of the day completely drained. Nothing…

An Open Letter to My Fellow Educators

An Open Letter to My Fellow Educators

Dear Educator, I hear you. I hear that your stress levels are extremely elevated. I hear that the amount of papers you have to grade is increasing, while the amount of time you have to grade them is decreasing. I…

How to Survive in a New City

How to Survive in a New City

I’ve wanted to live in Colorado since I was about 13 years. So, when I landed an internship at 5280: The Denver Magazine after graduation, it was a dream come true. But, born in Indiana and a recent graduate…

After Graduation: Live in the Real World

After Graduation: “Live in the Real World”

You Only Live Once, Okay, whatever. Thanks Drake. While we are all tired of hearing the phrase, “YOLO” and the t-shirts stopped being cool even before they were printed, Drake is right. … You do, only live once. Once…