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Letter to a Stranger

Recently I went back to the community college I graduated from in the spring to talk about a project called “Ban the Bottle” that I had helped lead and to visit my old professors and friends. On my way…

Why Am I Crying at My Graduation?

Why Am I Crying At My Graduation?

I walked through the stadium’s weight room cloaked in traditional graduation garb I didn’t deserve, recalling all my unfinished work, dreading the next 90 minutes. The weight continued to pile on with the sudden presence of thousands of graduates…

How to Survive in a New City

How to Survive in a New City

I’ve wanted to live in Colorado since I was about 13 years. So, when I landed an internship at 5280: The Denver Magazine after graduation, it was a dream come true. But, born in Indiana and a recent graduate…

After Graduation: Live in the Real World

After Graduation: “Live in the Real World”

You Only Live Once, Okay, whatever. Thanks Drake. While we are all tired of hearing the phrase, “YOLO” and the t-shirts stopped being cool even before they were printed, Drake is right. … You do, only live once. Once…