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The Lunch We’ll Never Have

When I got the text from Nicole, I wasn’t sure if it was true. Neither one of us knew for sure what had actually happened, but my heart sank, I felt sick to my stomach. I went to bed…

Being Your Own Bae

BYOB: Being Your Own Bae

Maybe you’ve always been the person with a significant other and you’ve forgotten what being single is like. Perhaps you’ve never had a significant other and you’re convinced being single is being alone and you’re tired of “being alone.”…

What It's Like to Date a Guy With Kids

What It’s Like to Date a Guy With Kids

What’s it like to date a guy with kids? I’m not going to lie and say it’s been easy. It has definitely been and still is a challenge that requires a lot of communication and compromise. I have been…

Love is a Numbers Game

Love is a Numbers Game

Love is a numbers game. Seriously. Even more when you actually think about it.  Abandon please this false notion of defining true love as this fairy tale story of two souls intertwining through love at first sight. In reality, that stage of I-actually-feel-confident-enough-to-talk-to-you is…