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The Single Life

Being Your Own Bae

BYOB: Being Your Own Bae

Maybe you’ve always been the person with a significant other and you’ve forgotten what being single is like. Perhaps you’ve never had a significant other and you’re convinced being single is being alone and you’re tired of “being alone.”…

Going Solo vs. Taking a Date

Going Solo vs. Taking a Date

Whether we like it or not, wedding season is in now in full swing. More likely than not, your weekends for the next few months are booked solid with rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, receptions, and other wedding festivities. A lot…


Dating is Awkward

Jen Glantz is the heart behind the website The Things I Learned From and preferred guest writer on Regale. You can read this article and others on her website by clicking here. Below is a chapter from Jen Glantz’s newly released…

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Taking Back February

So…it’s that time of year again. Just when you’re starting to wake up from your post-holiday, tryptophan-induced coma, you look around and suddenly it hits you. Valentine’s Day. It starts out sneaky, it really does. You’re innocently on your…