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I Broke Up With My Phone: A Story About Self Care

Self Care.  In social work, we’re all about self-care. When you pour into people everyday, you end up taking on their struggles and traumas. Thus, you end up leaving work at the end of the day completely drained. Nothing…

Mr. Robot: A Commentary on Capitalism

Mr. Robot: A Commentary on Capitalism

This article contains some spoilers Mr. Robot, the television series that aired its first season this summer on USA Network, begins with a monologue by Elliot Alderson (played by Rami Malek), the show’s main character. “Hello friend,” he says…


An Open Letter to Guys About Communication

Dear men in your 20’s and 30’s, I’m just going to say it: you’re not good at communicating with us, especially if romantic feelings could be involved. That said, I want to acknowledge that this isn’t entirely your fault: scientific…