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Letter to a Stranger

Recently I went back to the community college I graduated from in the spring to talk about a project called “Ban the Bottle” that I had helped lead and to visit my old professors and friends. On my way…


Yoga: A Practice of Self Love

I feel like it’s the most cliché story. Girl sucks at sports. Girl is mega introverted and genuinely socially stupid. Girl tries partying for a while, but then in despair, Girl goes to a yoga class and boom: her…


The Lunch We’ll Never Have

When I got the text from Nicole, I wasn’t sure if it was true. Neither one of us knew for sure what had actually happened, but my heart sank, I felt sick to my stomach. I went to bed…

Being Your Own Bae

BYOB: Being Your Own Bae

Maybe you’ve always been the person with a significant other and you’ve forgotten what being single is like. Perhaps you’ve never had a significant other and you’re convinced being single is being alone and you’re tired of “being alone.”…