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Mercury in Retrograde: A Time for Self-Reflection

“The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe.” – Albert Einstein Have you ever had an experience that you just can’t make sense of?  Scientists, and nonscientists alike admit that there are things that happen…


How to Grocery Shop Like a Proper Adult

There comes a time for all of us when we are suddenly responsible for feeding ourselves. For most, this probably happened in stages. You start college and you experience the freedom of eating what you want, when you want…

Nine Tips to Calm Your Party Planning Nerves

Nine Tips to Calm Your Party Planning Nerves

It’s wedding season (again), or maybe, depending on your age, you have noticed this year is more of an engagement season. As a post-grad, it seems impossible to get on Facebook without “so & so got engaged” popping up…

5 Recipes to Treat Yo'Self

5 Recipes to Treat Yo’Self

There is something to be said about maintaining a clean eating regimen and keeping your body in tip-top worked-out-regularly shape. If that is you, YOU GO GLEN COCO. If it’s not, YOU GO GLEN COCO anyway! Regardless of our…