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5 Recipes to Treat Yo'Self

5 Recipes to Treat Yo’Self

There is something to be said about maintaining a clean eating regimen and keeping your body in tip-top worked-out-regularly shape. If that is you, YOU GO GLEN COCO. If it’s not, YOU GO GLEN COCO anyway! Regardless of our…


Hello Fresh product review

So there I was, enjoying some Netflix (a luxury I swear I don’t overindulge in…..) and online shopping. These are two of my most favorite avoidance tactics. I really wish I were one of those people who could slip…

Quinoa Pudding

Quinoa Recipe Five: Quinoa Pudding

Recipe Four | Quinoa Pudding Okay, did you really think we skipped out on dessert?!  This is an adaptation of rice pudding, which tastes a lot like oatmeal.  I served it as a dessert, but it would be great…