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Channeling My Basic White Girl For Good

Channeling My “Basic White Girl” for Good

You know you’ve seen them. Maybe you saw them out wearing their Uggs with leggings or ordering their favorite signature drink from Starbucks. Yes, I am talking about #BasicWhiteGirls. If you look up “basic white girl” on Urban Dictionary, it…

Chicago Brunch Profile

Brunch & Adventure in Lincoln Park

Nestled among blocks of both local shops and national brand businesses is a cozy establishment that welcomes guests with ardor and irresistible aromas. Café Ba Ba Reeba! resides on North Halstead Street in the Lincoln Park district a short…

New Orleans City Profile

City Profile: New Orleans, Louisiana

I have not extensively traveled the world, but I have learned the value of a weekend away. Sometimes it’s a spontaneous staycation, and other trips require months of planning. Some cities are quiet, tranquil getaways, and in some cities…


What It Feels Like to Be a Square Peg in a Round Hole

I never really had trouble “physically” fitting in as I grew up. I am a tall white female who grew up in a mostly white middle class neighborhood. And attended a Catholic school from 1st- 8th grade that was…