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After Graduation: Live in the Real World

After Graduation: “Live in the Real World”

You Only Live Once, Okay, whatever. Thanks Drake. While we are all tired of hearing the phrase, “YOLO” and the t-shirts stopped being cool even before they were printed, Drake is right. … You do, only live once. Once…

How to Survive Road Trips

How To Survive Road Trips

You know that scene in Little Miss Sunshine when they get pulled over by a police officer on the highway and Greg Kinnear’s character tells everyone to pretend to be normal even though they’ve got their dead grandfather wrapped…

6 Ways to Overcome Culture Shock

6 Ways to Overcome Culture Shock

I remember the first time I was getting settled to live in a country for a month. People warned me about culture shock and I just laughed. I had already traveled to a handful of countries and had lots…

Why You Should Travel Alone in Your Twenties

Why You Should Travel Alone in Your Twenties

From my limited life experience, I have learned that traveling alone is one of the single best things you can do for your soul. Traveling makes you more resourceful, more self-aware and more in tune with the experiences that…