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Mercury in Retrograde: A Time for Self-Reflection


“The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe.” – Albert Einstein

Have you ever had an experience that you just can’t make sense of?  Scientists, and nonscientists alike admit that there are things that happen every day that cannot be explained by fact. Astrology seeks to offer explanations for phenomena, although it doesn’t utilize the linear, cause-and-effect methods of explanation the way science does. In fact, conceptualizing the cosmos is so elusive to us, that it has almost become more of a matter of fan fiction than something we take seriously. Nonetheless, for those that are interested or curious, there is a planetary trend happening now that may be interesting to explore called retrograde. From August 30 – September 22, Mercury will appear to be moving backwards in the sky, although in reality Mercury’s orbit is merely slowing as it passes Earth, perhaps due to Earth’s gravitational pull.

People that believe in Astrology, and its effects on our lives here on Earth will warn you to prepare, and be extra gentle with yourself during this time of retrograde.  

Astrologers believe Mercury affects us in all means of communication: rationality, reasoning, education, and transportation. During this time of retrograde electronics may malfunction, you might find yourself off-balance and anxious, or irritated. Miscommunication may be more prevalent in your relationships; you may find yourself needing to slow down and hit the pause button on financial and relationship decisions. Additionally, you may need to give yourself time for ideas to simmer before acting on them.

Mercury in retrograde may induce anxiety as people anticipate the energy of this astral negatively affecting their lives. However, a more constructive mindset is to use this time to check in. If you are feeling stressed or drained, have compassion for yourself and understand that you may need to take extra steps to relax to take care of yourself. I have compassion for my needs during this time by taking Epsom salt baths, practicing restorative yoga and meditation, as well as reaching out to my family and friends and asking them to keep me in their thoughts and prayers. I will text one friend of mine, “Send me good energy!” And she will. She will hold me in her thoughts as she takes deep breaths, and uses her intention to send me good vibes. I do the same for friends of mine who ask me to hold them in my thoughts. The power of thoughtfulness can change everything if we allow it too!

If you are finding it more difficult to communicate effectively with people, have grace and compassion for both yourself and the other person, and either hold off the conversation until you’ve had a couple of weeks to process, or be attentive to communicating with grace and love knowing that you might still disagree. If your electronics malfunction, or little annoyances or problems pop up with more frequency than you are used to, find humor in the situation. If you can fix it, do so without being hard on yourself, and if it is outside of your control, offer your worries to the universe and trust that everything is unfolding just as it is meant to. Explore your faith during this time: see if you can trust that you are completely and divinely cared for.

As summer turns into fall, we have an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us, and what energy we want to bring into the new season. Transitions can be rocky, but they are also opportunities to find greater self-awareness and insight into how we want to shape our lives.

This retrograde, if anything, is a time of renewal, reflection, and discernment.

Take it or leave it, but know that above all, we have the power to respond to our circumstances instead of reacting. Keep loving energy in your heart, and know that you are being safely guided in the direction of your truth.