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Monthly Roundup // September 2016

september staff picks

We asked a handful of Regale contributors to share what they are watching, listening to and reading this month. Here is what our writers recommend:


Anna Vonderheide // Contributor

Anna Vonderheide is a teacher turned social worker that probably cares too much. She thoroughly enjoys feminist punk music, medieval history, and traveling, which is a mere disguise to become the female version of Anthony Bourdain. If she’s not reading or working on art, she’s chasing after her fur child, Miss Marlow Mae.

Watch //
Miss America 

I watched the Miss America pageant with my gal pal out of a pure need for comic relief and to fuel our fire of hatred for all things pageant related. Boy oh boy did we get more than we deserved. Everything from talents that made your body cringe, to the group dance moves that I thought had died out ages ago, it was pure comedy. The best part? Watching Mark Cuban’s facial expressions while reacting to what he was witnessing as judge.

Read //
The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat and Other Clinical Tales (Dr. Sacks)

The novel explores neurological disorders and does so in the most human way. Dr. Sacks writes with compassion, yes, but the stories are incredibly fascinating and resonate so much with me and my work. If you’re also a mental health professional, you’ll have a deep appreciation for this book. After reading the novel, I found myself thinking that I need to continue to record the stories of my clients, because I may just have a best-seller in my hands.

Listen //
Rozzi Crane’s “Half the Man”

This month I’ve been digging Rozzi Crane’s bad a** song, “Half The Man”. This song is two middle fingers to the sky in the best way possible for all my feminists out there. Rozzi will boost your confidence to new heights.

Experience //

It’s fall, y’all. Get your basic on.

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Lauren Swanson // Contributor

Lauren is a 24-year-old marketing professional from the suburbs of Chicago. She is a sportbike rider and pure barre addict. The rest of her time is spent enjoying books, food, movies, and chai tea lattes. She also has an obsession with Doctor Who and binge watching bad TV.

Read //
All the Ugly and Wonderful Things (Bryn Greenwood‎)

An unusual “Beauty and the Beast” type love story that definitely captured my attention. You’ll feel for Wavy. Warning: This story is not for everyone as it has a controversial relationship!

Read //
Dark Matter (Blake Crouch)

This sci-fi thriller came onto my radar thanks to my Book of the Month club subscription. I usually don’t read science fiction, but this one caught my attention. A thrilling read about life choices and how they affect your reality.

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Victoria Casteneda // Contributor

Victoria is a Southern California native currently navigating traffic on the various roads of young adulthood. She loves books, too many television characters, window seats on airplanes, photography, traveling, napping, and her dog Coco. She has perhaps too many hobbies, bottles of nail polish, and notebooks she never completely fills. It would be great to be in five places at once. You can find her on Twitter @toriarae22.

Watch //
This Is Us (NBC)

The trailer for this alone had me hooked and I’ll be honest it was 90% naked Milo Ventimiglia with a terrible towel. But this is a great show that introduces you to several people on their 36th birthday: an actor, a couple who is about to be parents, a woman who is tired of her struggle with weight, and a family man who finds his biological father. All of these stories coalesce in a beautiful and unexpected way, and by the end of the first episode you will definitely be hooked. I didn’t NEED more shows to watch this fall, but I’m glad to add this to the lineup. It got the whole season order, too! So no worries about it going anywhere any time soon.

Read //
A Murder In Time (Julie McElwain)

This book was such a fun read and definitely helped me get back into reading after a summer of endlessly renewing books at the library and not actually finishing them. In this book, brilliant FBI agent Kendra Donovan barely escapes a raid gone bad, and what she recovers is determined to exact revenge. Her revenge doesn’t go as planned, and she finds herself transported – not to a different place, but to a different time. Her desire to figure out how to get home is diminished as a body of a young woman is found, and Kendra believes she is meant to help in the solving of this murder, all without all of her 21st century tools and resources. I read this in two days, and was only *slightly* upset that upon finishing the amazing cliffhanger ending, finally realized that this is just the first book in a planned series. I recommend it – you will be looking forward to more!

Listen //
Some songs that have been in rotation. Nine songs for the 9th month:

1) Houdini Crush by Buke & Gase
2) You’re Out Wasting by Andy Shauf
3) Radio by Sylvan Esso
4) Told You I’d Be with the Guys by Cherry Glazerr
5) 1998 (Delicious) by Peace
6) I’m the Man to Be by EL VY
7) Morse by Nightmares On Wax
8) The Bold Arrow of Time by Tame Impala
9) Worlds to Run (featuring Milo, Anderson Paak) by Busdriver

Experience //
I love when people register to vote!

So get on that, everybody. Or just check and make sure that you’re registered. It’ll be fun I promise. Check this site to make sure you don’t miss your state’s registration deadlines. 

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Lucy Reser // Contributor

Lucy is a traveler with the desire to share her stories and experiences. She has visited 22 countries and just finished teaching English to high school students in China. Her appetite for travel comes from her love of meeting new people and craving to experience different cultures. She is a child at heart but considers Beyoncé as her spiritual guide. When she is not globe trotting you can find her catching up with her friends or playing on the waters of Lake Michigan.

Watch //
Stranger Things (Netflix)

The first season of Stranger Things on Netflix is my new favorite show. I guess I would call it a sci-fi thriller, but the kids are what really made me love the show. I’m not usually a sci-fi fan, but could not get enough of this show!

Read //
Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (Sheryl Sandburg)

Since I am in my very first corporate job, mom suggested that I read this book by Sheryl Sandburg. She puts into words all of the feelings I have had being a woman in the workplace. She gives her amazing insight on all things in the workplace which has already inspired me.

Listen //
DJ Khaled’s “Major Key”

DJ Khaled’s newest album has so many amazing artists featured on it. I dare you to listen to it one time, you’ll be saying “Anotha one!”

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Claire Turner // Contributor

A survivor of a stage mom, Claire’s main goal is to make people laugh.  After studying film and marketing, Claire set out into the big great world. She is always planning where her next adventure will be with the ultimate destination being Narnia.  She experiences no shame when Netflix asks her if she’s still watching and consumes a diet almost entirely made of cheese.  Currently she is experiencing a late in life obsession with unicorns.  Claire loves history and is a self-proclaimed anglophile (she can name the royal bloodline all the way back to King Henry VIII at a B- level). Stories are her favorite thing to witness and share. Whether it is via watching it, writing it, reading it, or telling it, she believes stories make us, and our world, what we are.

Watch //

But more specifically keep an eye out for Moonlight, Loving, and La La Land: All likely to be heavy hitters this awards season. They all bring something different to the table in regards to story and style of storytelling. But all three will bring up a strong emotional response from you and leave you thinking about it for days after. I still can’t get Moonlight out of my head and I saw it three weeks ago!

Read //

Variety is bae. It’s old school but you get a full range of industry info from reviews, to interviews, to reports on the business side of things. It may be because I am obsessed with the industry but I feel bad when I fall behind on Variety (also I like to think in a past life I was a producer in the golden age of Hollywood who wore fedoras and suspenders and high-waisted pleated pants).

Read //
Lenny Letter piece on the Gigi Hadid Attack

It doesn’t matter that Gigi is a super model and a public figure, she was a woman who was attacked and protected herself. The Lenny piece is a quick and honest read that makes you realize you’re not alone in feeling the need to want to protect yourself, and that it really is your right. 

Listen //
Spotify’s Daily Mixes


Play //
Two Dots

Two Dots came back into my life as the best way to waste my time.

Claire is a new Regale contributor!
Be on the lookout for her first article coming soon >>