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Four Apps to Achieve Your Healthiest Weight Yet

healthy weight loss apps

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – we are busy people! Our days are packed from the minute we wake up to the moment we get to (finally!) sleep. A busy life leads to choices based on instant gratification of cravings and sporadic (if any) workouts. But this doesn’t have to be the case; technology has come to our rescue! There are countless websites offering pretty much everything you could possibly need to live a healthy life: calorie calculator, workout trackers, and even advice and information from trained nutritionists. Then again, who has the time to sit and read through the thousands of Google results and then research each app? Or really, who wants to?

You’re in luck! I did a little research and it just so happens that many of these websites have developed free (FREE!), easy-to-use apps for your smartphone that help users live healthier lives.  With these helpful tools, the motivation to make better choices is right in the palm of our hands.

Here are Four Weight Loss Apps You Need:

Calorie Count


This is my absolute favorite weight loss app. I have recommended this to my friends and family countless times, and everyone agrees it’s the bomb diggety. Why? Oh let me count the ways. It’s extremely user-friendly and has tons of information. You can search your favorite foods to learn more about what is actually in them, get new recipes from other users (like my red pepper chicken and asparagus carbonara pasta), and read articles written by doctors, nutritionists, and counselors regarding just about everything concerning healthy living.

You plug in what you’ve eaten after each meal, and the app calculates it into your customized profile in order to generate a grade. This grade is based upon how many calories, fat, proteins, etc. you should be consuming. I love this system because it motivates me to make choices that will get me that ‘A’. It then puts your information for the day up to that point into graphs so you can see visually what you’ve had too much of and what you’re lacking. This really helps me plan my meals; if I see I’m low on fiber and protein, I know to choose a dinner that’s high in both of these.

You can even plug in activities, such as walking on a treadmill or even cleaning, in order to track the calories you’re burning.  If you’re not looking to lose weight, it’s still a great resource to make sure you’re making the right choices for your body.

Livestrong MyPlate Calorie Tracker lite

Note, this is a companion tool for members of the MyPlate website. It’s FREE to join:

The interface of this app is clean and well-organized.  It’s a similar setup to Calorie Count – you look up what you ate, plug in your portion size, and the app gives you a nutritional breakdown of that food, the meal as a whole, and your stats for the whole day.  You can enter activities to track how many calories you’re burning; and best of all, it’s all customized just for you.

This app has extremely high ratings, and I can see why! The reviews say that the Lite version gets better with every update, and the food database is more than comprehensive (they have 1.3 million foods in their database!!). What I love about this app is its streamlined, easy-to use design. They’ve also added a Mobile Rewards feature to the free version, where you can unlock achievements and earn mPOINTS that you can redeem for real rewards.

Um, who doesn’t love getting rewards? Especially when you get rewarded for losing inches!


I cannot rave about this app enough! Ok, can we all just agree it’s fun to use the barcode scanners on our smart phones? Ok, great. Glad we agree.

This app has received a bunch of awards, including First Prize in the US Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge; and it has been featured on Oprah (when has she ever led us astray?!).  Its database is at over 200,000 items and growing, thanks to its users submitting new products for review.

This app shares similarities with other trackers: you can track your diet, exercise, and progress. But where this app gets fantabulous is its barcode feature. You can scan a food in your house, at the grocery store, anywhere, and learn about the product’s pros and cons, see its nutrition grade, and even see what’s a better option comparable to the one you just picked up.

And yet, there’s more: this app is like a secret spy into the dark secrets of the foods you love, sharing information that the manufacturers DON’T want you to know about. This app alerts you to issues in foods such as controversial food colorings, excessive sugar, artificial sweeteners, and more.  This app arms you with knowledge so you can build a healthier lifestyle, starting with making better, more informed choices at the grocery store.


While the previously mentioned apps are more focused on tracking calories and foods, this app is the Facebook of fitness junkies. It’s all about using healthy competition, friendly motivation, and personal goal-setting in order to create a plan that feels less like a workout and more like fun. (Note: the free version has much higher ratings {4.5 stars} than the Pro version {2.5-3 stars} at this time.) It’s also a great way for those of us just starting out to keep track of our workouts and help us stay accountable to our friends.

This app boasts 17 million users and utilizes GPS to track your workouts and customize a personal training regimen to you.  Not only can you track your workouts, you can send pep talks to your friends in real time that are read aloud to them during their workout, race against a friend’s time, and even find new routes and compete against its “route champion.”

Endomondo is fun to use and is a great motivator. You will end up pushing yourself harder than ever before, and reaping the rewards.

I’m obsessed with these apps because they’re all customizable to my exact measurements and lifestyle. I feel as if each of them helps me create a plan that I can actually stick to because it’s designed with only me in mind. These are all easy-to-use, and all of them offer a ton of information and assistance for everyone. It’s like having a tiny chef, nutritionist, and trainer all in your pocket. And best of all? They’re all free! Isn’t technology super??